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RECIPE: Air Fryer Apple Pies

There’s a YouTube channel I watch frequently from the very talented Julie Pacheco. If you haven’t seen her recipe videos, I highly advise you to do so! Her meals are practical, convenient, and fun. Sometimes she posts videos that help you get the most out of particular ingredients. It’s impressive!…
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RECIPE: Easy Fudge Bites by Martha Stewart

I was scrolling through some photographs from my family’s Christmas festivities in 2019 when I found a few snapshots of a recipe I used for the first time. The recipe was for Easy Fudge Bites, a batch of rich and indulgent chocolate truffle-like candy from Martha Stewart Living magazine. The…
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RECIPE: Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

I cannot remember where or when, but one time I tried the creamiest, most delectable peanut butter fudge. The flavor was just the right balance of sugary sweetness and nuts, and the fudge managed to hold a light texture, which is uncommon when we’re talking about the thickness of an…
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