Are you on the hunt for simple and easy recipes?
Do you prefer to read other people’s reviews of merchandise before you buy?
Do you enjoy scrolling through pictures of subscription boxes and shopping hauls?
Does your heart skip a beat when you see the word CLEARANCE in stores?

Then you’ve come to the right place! My name is Bee, and I’ll bee your guide through the wonderful land of product discoveries, budget meals & desserts and tips for staying thrifty. I love trying new products, especially food. It’s even better when I find them at discounted prices!

Though it’s fun to splurge every now and then, affordability is the name of the game here at BeeKneeBob!

You’ll find at least one new post each month. This includes product and subscription box reviews and recipes. I am more active on Instagram, where I add pictures on a weekly basis.

For inquiries on subscription reviews, guest posting, product testing, and other PR requests, head over to my Contact page to submit your message.

The thoughts I share on these products are my honest opinions.
Affiliate and referral links may be included on blog posts.
Origin of recipes posted on this site are properly credited.

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